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The Toronto housing market had a lot working against it this November. The City of Toronto and neighbouring Peel region moved into the “lockdown” zone of the province’s tiered restriction framework, with non-essential businesses closed from November 23rd onward. Prior to that, both regions already were in the highly restrictive “red” zone. On top of all this, despit...Read More

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Toronto specific snapshot video below followed by a slideshow breaking down the rest of the GTA. [Widget(SlideShow)] If you have questions about any of the above, or any other real estate needs, please feel free to reach out to me - I'd love to help!       ...Read More

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First-time homebuyers in three of Canada’s most expensive housing markets will soon have an easier time qualifying for the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI). The government’s recent Fall Economic Statement included changes that will ease eligibility criteria for first-time buyers in Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. The changes were first announced in September 2019, but are now ...Read More

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This winter selling season is gearing up to be one of the most active in recent years; inventory is low, demand is high, and homes are selling quickly and profitably in markets across the country. But even though the current market is favorable to sellers, you still want to do everything you can to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. And when it comes to improving your home before ...Read More

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Bond yields in both Canada and the U.S. jumped on news that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has proven more than 90% effective in its trials. Following the announcement, the all-important 5-year bond yield is now hovering around 0.50% for the first time since early June. Since bond yields lead fixed mortgage rates, that’s caused some observers to suggest mortgage rates could potentially be ...Read More

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Home ownership is a rite of passage, and millions of people go into their careers and family lives picturing the day when they can finally own a place of their own. When that day comes, it can be quite an experience. Signing the paperwork and getting the keys to your new place is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. But it’s what comes after that can feel a bit strange. When...Read More

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The biggest risk to Canada’s housing market in the near-term is new lockdowns in big cities that have seen COVID-19 infections surge in recent weeks. According to an economist with Capital Economics, restrictions that may be rolled out in the coming days would put a dent in the robust sales activity recorded since summer, but would leave home prices mostly unaffected. “The key near-t...Read More

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Millions of people pay rent, cutting a check to their landlord in exchange for permission to have somewhere to rest their head at night. While there’s nothing wrong with renting, many renters eventually make the jump into homeownership, choosing to reap the fruits of their labor in a more personal and long-term way. Maybe you’re one of the former: toiling away at an office, factory...Read More

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The federal government’s new immigration targets aimed at making up for this year’s newcomer shortfall will provide support to local housing markets across the country, especially in major urban centres. On October 30th, Canada’s government revealed its three-year plan to welcome 1.2 million immigrants to the country between 2021 and 2023. If the targets are met, the immigration...Read More

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  In the midst of the pandemic, many people spent more time enjoying their home’s outdoor space than ever before. But as we move further into the fall, how can you adjust your space so you can still enjoy plenty of time outdoors—even as temperatures continue to drop? A recent article from outlined different ways to make your outdoor space more usable in colder weath...Read More