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Meet Stephanie

Mother of 2 boys, wife, seasoned REALTOR®, team leader, investor, landlord, ravine property owner, hard worker and go getter!

With 18+ years of experience serving the Greater Toronto area and my extensive knowledge in residential home & condo sales, coupled with my passion for helping people, the thrill of sales & negotiations and the love of interior design & staging- Real Estate is for me!

A belief in living life to the fullest; travelling, entertaining and spending time with my family & friends are what drives me to want more! The ability to give back to my many charities & our community ; particularly the Shelter foundation is a blessing and is something I intend on increasing with my own success. Seeking new opportunities with a desire to grow my business ; one that provides my clients with amazing experiences so that they only think about me when it comes to any Real estate venture has been a career long venture.


The collaboration of knowledge, skillsets and ideas keeps our team growing and learning in this very dynamic and ever changing business. Multiple team members ensures that our client's needs and our listings always have the attention they deserve to ensure a smooth transaction.



I put a lot of work into choosing an agent. I went to Open Houses with top agents in the area and interacted with them from the perspective of a potential buyer. I then narrowed my list down to 4 and did interviews at my home. I asked all four the same questions, listened to their pitch and proposed approach, and discussed costs related to staging, photography, virtual tours, etc. Stephanie's approach for sale was based on experience, data, gut and most importantly taking our needs into consideration. She doesn't have any ego and she is strongly confident without aggression or bullying. After our interviews with all 4 top agents, Stephanie's follow-up with us was perfect. She walks the line so beautifully with checking in but not being pushy and then also providing a bit more information. The other 3 agents' followup messages varied from "hurry up or you are going to miss out..." to radio silence. Given all of this, we choose Stephanie and we are very happy we did! She almost seemed too good to be true and we worried that she wouldn't live up to our expectations. I am happy to report that she exceeded them. Our elation isn't because we got a great price for our house (although that was also AWESOME), it is because she makes the whole process easy and without stress and we know from previous sales that it is not easy. She is very organized and a task master like no other. She builds relationships with everyone she works with and has a great rapport. Given her many years of experience she also has a very extensive rolodex, so if for example one photographer isn't available she has another awesome photographic to swap in to make a deadline. She is also a multi-tasker. It seemed to me that she became even more effective the busier she gets ;-). She has done her homework as well. She knew our neighbourhood better than us and any information we gave her we would hear her speaking to in future conversations as if she had known it for years. Her memory is amazing and the ability to pick up on a person's hesitations or potential areas of resistance and deal with them head on by providing information was fantastic and a key contributor to our sale. If you are looking for an agent who will maximize your sale potential, minimize the stress involved in selling your home, manage the schedule and tasks, prep for showings with agents, follow-up with agents, negotiate like a boss, keep you informed every step of the way and keep an amazing sense of humour throughout the entire process than Stephanie is the agent for you. Lastly, I should mention that we managed to sell our home during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was a very unique situation and Stephanie worked with us as partners to come up with our best course of action weighing pros and cons together and pivoting when necessary. Her professionalism and actions to ensure safety for us and all potential buyers was off the charts. Thank You Stephanie. We are singing your praises to everyone we know.

Julie and Graham Perry - July 2020

Stephanie was referred to me by my doctor, who I trust with my life, so I figured I'd trust her with my house too, and what a great decision! Stephanie inspired complete confidence from the beginning. There can be a lot of details and factors when selling a house (especially during Covid!) and Stephanie handled them all beautifully. She led the way for our house's final pre-listing transformation and knew just how to make it shine better than ever (without us having to spend a lot). Her experience, humour, calm, and decorating sense allowed our home to shine so much I found myself not wanting to leave. At the end, her negotiating skills were superb. Then, she referred me to associates in my new location up north who were also amazing! Very happy - I don't think things could have gone so well without her. She's a pro - trust her!

Chris Johanssen - July 2020

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